Last September, creative agency Justcurious organized a rally visiting the hotspots of Andalusia as a study tour for Sunny Cars. On two trips 32 travel agents joined that were divided into four teams. In those teams French-speaking and Dutch-speaking travel agents were mixed.

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Nicole van den Bosch of Justcurious explains what Sunny Cars had in mind with the study tour: “The trip had to meet two pillars for Sunny Cars. Business information had to come forward and which products Sunny Cars offers in the region. In addition the travel agents had to get a fun experience, making Sunny Cars ‘top of mind’ for them.”

A big surprise
The adventurous tone of the trip was there from the get go. Van den Bosch: “The participants had no idea in advance of what was awaiting them. They found out at the airport. That provoked a real sense of adventure.”

Van den Bosch explains how practical information came together with assignments during the rally. “A good example of how the assignments mingled with customer reviews from Sunny Cars. They often got feedback from customers that the space in the cars was too small to fit in all the luggage. During the rally there was an assignment were the agents could earn keys. They could unlock lockers with bags in them. The assignment was to get the suitcases and bags in the boot of the car. This assignment gave the agents a better understanding of what you can actually fit in the trunk, or not!”

The perfect platform
Luc de Nijs of Justcurious is very happy with the possibilities that Caught offers. “If I explain what Caught does, then I always compare it to Wordpress. You get all the tools to make a personalized or branded location based app. Thus we used Caught to built an app for the study tour in Andalusia. It’s the perfect platform for use for weaving the pillars of Sunny Cars with a nice rally.“

He goes on: “The great thing about the platform: none of the participants note what Caught actually does. There are no hick-ups or bugs. Think of it as the internet, it’s just there and no one is wondering how it works exactly because it does what it should do. The best thing about Caught is that we can customize everything. This time we’ve done two rallies in Andalusia and next year we’ll do it again on another location. Every time a new custom-made game. “


The video above tells the whole story - but here are some pictures taken during the event: