On Saturday the 15th of September Breeman MINI organized their second annual MINI Catch & Go Rally. Caught supplied the app and Breeman MINI Rotterdam did everything from an organizational standpoint.

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In the course of Saturday afternoon, approximately 55 teams gathered at Breeman MINI in Rotterdam. There they registered, got the key of a MINI and a lunch package. Then it was a matter of: installing the MINI Catch & Go app, pasting the sticker for the rally on the car and getting in it onto the first location.

20 locations
Michael Braak of Breeman MINI about the rally: “They all start at the same spot. The app will send them to different places. In roughly two hours time they’ll drive to as many of the 20 iconic locations in Rotterdam - highlighted in the app - as possible. There they will perform tasks and answer questions for points. The winner(s) get a price from us at the end of the afternoon at the awards ceremony.”

The competitive nature and enthusiasm of the participants quickly picked up. Braak responds, laughing: “We can exactly see from the ‘cockpit’ where the Minis themselves are during the rally. In this way it is possible for us to send live feedback and award points for assignments they perform. That makes the rally very interactive. The players also see a scoreboard. That makes it super competitive for them.”

Yearly tradition
The enthusiasm also spilled over to the organizing party, as the rally turned out to be an annual success for everyone involved. Braak eagerly adds: “For us, it has become an annual tradition which we certainly will continue. It also really fits in with the MINI drivers. We are very excited, participants are excited. And so when there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, you hear people ask if and when the next Catch & Go Rally will be. That’s always a good sign!”


Here’s an impression of the event in pictures: