On Saturday the 13th of October the City of Weert transformed into one big escape room during Lockdown Weert. A total of 500 participants spread over 75 teams consisting of 5 to 7 people crossed the Weert region.

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The enthusiasm for the event was overwhelming. Within 12 hours after opening the registration, the maximum number of teams had signed up. Among them; 23 teams with scouts from the region. All the teams gathered on Saturday 13 October on the central marketplace in town. There they got an explanation about what awaited them during Lockdown Weert.

Organizer Luuk Hermans explains, “The idea of the game is simple: you’re locked in your own town and you need to escape. The City region is divided into three zones. In each of them there are hidden keys. You can win them by cycling to a designated spot in the app. There you get a task or a riddle which you can perform or answer. If you do this well, you’ll earn a key. “

He is very positive about how the app functions. “The app has helped us very much. Everything is very clear for the players and certainly for the organization. The way of routing the teams around the region worked very well. Because of this, the game went very well. There were no congestions, so everyone was able to really play the game without any hick-ups on that part. Also, the participants were able to check how many keys other teams obtained in that zone. “

The enthusiasm for the game was there from the start. But also during and after the game everyone still was enthusiastic about the event and game. Hermans laughs: “The reactions of the participants really were very positive. We heard back things like ‘I’ve never expected it would be so elaborate’ or ‘ This has to continue next year’”

Next year
And whoever told us that is in luck. We formed a Committee to look into the possibilities for next year. “Now it’s safe to say that next year a new Lockdown Weert will take place. And if all goes well maybe it’ll grow out to be a yearly tradition. “

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