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Lot’s of you have downloaded and installed the Caught app last easter weekend to find and sort the eggs that were lost by our clumsy Easter Bunny.
And - we’ve got ourselves a winner!

Since 3 participants collected and sorted all available eggs (including hidden golden eggs) we had to run a photo finish to see who did it the fastest!

It turns out that Gun Holtackers was the one who did it the fastest, actually within several hours!

Congratulations, Gun Holtackers with your €100,- voucher for a webshop of your choice!

However, we find that the efforts of the runner-ups should not be disregarded. Therefore we have decided to award €50,- vouchers to both Martijn ten Haaf (last years winner) and Tijn Spreeuwenberg
You all did a wonderful job going around the place to find & sort those eggs!

The top 3 looks as follows:

# Name Eggs Score
1 Gun Holtackers ALL 1425
2 Martijn ten Haaf ALL 1425
3 Tijn Spreeuwenberg ALL 1425

A big thank you to all participants, even the ones that upon opening the app realized that they actually have to move their butts for this game 😂


Hereby a small impression of the pictures that came in via the app during this years’ egghunt: