In total 65 people have installed and started the Caught app to search for Easter Eggs during the past weekend. Some have looked at the map, found that the first egg was somewhere between their doorstep and the postbox and decided to stay inside.
Others have actually spent several hours outside to search for as many eggs as possible.
Deciding a winner wasn’t hard at all, as there was only one participant, that collected ALL the 50 eggs to be collected.

Congratulations, ‘MtH’ (Martijn ten Haaf) with your €100,- voucher! We will be in contact with you shortly!

The top 3 looks as follows:

# Name Eggs
1 MtH 50
2 StephanBeh 45
3 Rowie Florijn 34

A big thank you to all participants, it was a lot of fun to see you play all around the world.


Hereby a small impression of the pictures that came in via the app during the Caught Easter Egghunt: