Submitting an app for review to Apple has always been a pain in the ass… you don’t know how long it’s going to take them - review times vary from 1 to 7 days - and every now and then they will just pop up random extra things you need to do to pass the review which are not described anywhere.

For one of our recent reviews we had to record a demo video displaying the functionalities of the app. Seriously? Come on, that’s why we include a demo account for you to use!
Another time we had to provide additional information on the target audience, background and purpose of the app. Sounds more logical to me, but why not include that question in the review form?

Your app is IPv6 ‘Incompatible’ - say whut!?

Recently we ran into another issue with the Apple reviews for several of our Caught apps.
They were complaining about our app not supporting being run on an IPv6 network
After spending several hours trying to figure out what could go wrong here - after all techspeak ON we are using DNS (* on the background for all connections behind our app - we were almost at the point to totally reconfigure the network we are working on.
After reading this post however we decided to just give it another go and resubmit the app without any actual changes saying something like we ‘fully tested on IPv6 and expect that there is a network issue on your end’.

And tadaaaa magically the problem was solved, app was approved and published in the App Store. Yesterday we ran into the same issue with one of our apps. This time it took us a little less time to convince Apple there is no actual problem with our app or servers.
It seems that if Apple runs into network/connectivity issues while reviewing your app, they’ll just reject it and play the ‘IPv6 incompatibility’ card.

Actually it felt like quite a relief again that all our apps were updated, reviewed and published again this week! For that we’ll just pop open a beer :) On to the next update…

Update [10/4/2017]:

An interesting new development in the ‘Apple Review’ challenges occured when 2 of our apps were rejected because of ‘wrong/mismatching’ Icons.
Upon investigating it turned out to be 2 icons that were automatically generated by Cordova for iOS 5 & 6. And that while the App only supports iOS 8+.
For more info on this adventure and the solutions see this forum-post